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The Biewer Yorkshire ala Pom Pon is also known as the Biewer or Biewer Yorkie or Biewer Terrier.  The Biewer Yorkshire ala Pom Pon originated from the breeding of two Yorkshire Terriers but is now considered a distinct breed.  

The Biewer has an appearance similar to a Yorkshire Terrier, but it has a tri-colored coat of white or blue-white, black and gold.  It is a long-haired toy terrier whose hair hangs straight down the sides of the body from the base of the skull to the tip of the tail.  The Biewer coat is straight, with a very fine, silky texture.  The breed standard requires that the coat is 3/4 down the side of the dog or long enough to reach the ground.  Most pet owners choose to keep their Biewers in a puppy cut to reduce the amount of grooming required.  A Biewer requires frequent grooming to prevent matting and keep their coats in good condition.  A Biewer should have a body that is compact.  The tail is not docked and should be carried up. 

The Biewer is an excellent companion dog.  They are affectionate and loving.  As a small dog, they do best with older, gentle children.  They have a sweet disposition but they must receive proper training and socialization. 

 Height             Up to 8.5 inches/22 cm
 Weight  Maximum of 7 lbs/3.1 km
 Temperament  The Biewer Terrier is an energetic, loyal and
 loving toy dog.
 Grooming  Frequent brushing and regular bathing are
 required.   Ears should be trimmed and nails 
 must be cut.
 Exercise  Biewers are active dogs that benefit from
 daily walks and outdoor play.
 A Biewer does not require spacious
 accommodations and can live comfortably
 in an apartment if given regular exercise.
 12 to 15 years.
 Liver shunt, tracheal collapse, luxating patellas.

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